Kind Stranger Rescues Clever Red Fox with a Case of Mange

One homeowner from Minnesota spent weeks trying to capture a mysterious hairless animal that they believed needed help. Their efforts paid off, and they saved the animal, which turned out to be a red fox with a case of mange.

The homeowner set up a number of traps in an effort to contain the animal, but it proved to be really clever and constantly managed to get away.

Finally, after a number of back and forths, the homeowner succeded in their attention and brought the animal to the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center of Minnesota (WRC). The staff at WRC identified the animal as a red fox with a severe case of mange. Mange is a type of skin illness that is caused by parasitic mites and causes the animals to lose their fur.

After spending more than a month in the hospital, the clever red fox started recovering. It has grown back its fur and became more energetic by the day. 

“Anyone could see that this fox was more than ready to return home, and so as soon as our vets were confident he no longer needed supportive care, back to the wild he went,” WRC wrote in a Facebook post while attaching a video of animal’s return to its natural habitat.