Krystal Duran Will Help You Take Better Care of Your Plants

Taking proper care of your houseplants can feel intimidating at first, but Krystal Duran is here to make things go smoother. She’s the mastermind behind the popular Instagram page Plants with Krystal, who’s using her platform to share useful plant care tips and tricks.

Duran was born and raised in California before moving to Indiana, where she spent almost a decade working as a social worker. She was seeking a low-maintenance hobby and taking care of houseplants seemed like a perfect fit because she’s always been a huge nature lover… but there was a catch.

She killed every plant she ever owned before the tiny cactus Walter came along, and that was the moment when she decided to do better. She started learning more about plant care in an attempt to keep him alive, and her collection kept growing from that point on.

She eventually decided to start sharing her knowledge on social media, and her Instagram page attracted the attention of almost 700,000 plant lovers.

“Through many years of trial and error along with researching on my own time, I found the passion for plants… My goal is to make plant care understandable and less intimidating because everyone has the ability to be a plant person… It just takes a bit of practice,” she explained on her official website.