Laura Baverstock Embroiders Insects and Animals Using Metal and Thread

Laura Baverstock is an embroidery artist whose work includes animals and insects created with metallic and colorful thread. Her gold lions and copper bees made us interested in learning more about her.

As her website tells us, Baverstock is “a specialist hand embroiderer, textile artist and illustrator who mixes traditional stitching techniques with her contemporary design practice.” She combines embroidery and modern materials to create interesting pieces with plenty of texture. The strong shapes contrast delicate details and create a perfect balance in her artwork.

She was awarded Trade Freeman membership to the Worshipful Company of Gold and Silver Wyre Drawers in 2016 thanks to her goldwork. This is her favorite technique and something she wants to keep exploring. She sells her work internationally through her website and Instagram. The list of her clients includes some amazing names like Alexander McQueen, Legendary Entertainment, and HBO. 

Scroll down to see her magnificent work. If you want to see more, follow her Instagram account where she regularly shares new work and updates about her career.

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