Laura Slade Paints to Help Black Cats Get Adopted

It’s widely known that black cats have more trouble finding forever homes than other cats. That’s why artist Laura Slade decided to show them in a different way. Using watercolor paintings, she depicted their true colors and made them magical.

“As an artist with a love of color, black cats are maybe not the most obvious choice of subject matter for me, but I have found a way to bring out the rainbow in them. By showing black cats in a new and magical light I hope to remove the stigma behind these loving and lovable creatures,” the artist told Catlov.

Browsing through her Instagram account, you can also find vibrant watercolor portraits of other animals as well. Foxes, dogs, birds, giraffes, and zebras are just some of the creatures the traditional UK-based artist depicts.

To see the beautiful images, just keep on scrolling! You can follow her future updates on Instagram, or have a look at her personal website, as well.