Lennon the Bunny’s Channel is the Top Spot for Rabbit Advice

Taking care of a bunny is easier said than done, and Lorelei Carlson learned this the hard way after deciding to adopt one. Her bunny Lennon became a true social media sensation over the years, and Carlson is using her platform to share useful advice with all the bunny owners out there.

Carlson welcomed Lennon into her home after running into her at a hole-in-wall pet store in Hollywood. This impulse purchase changed the course of her life, especially after she decided to share their story with the world.

“Feeling lost about how to navigate life with this new creature in my home, I quickly realized how very little content existed on the internet regarding rabbit care, specifically video content. I’m a visual learner and I figured other people were as well,” she told Voyage LA.

Lennon the Bunny’s channel on YouTube quickly blew up and attracted around 750,000 followers in the years to come. Carlson’s content is pretty versatile and it includes everything from tutorials and DIYs to adorable videos of Lennon’s daily routine, which led to the channel’s popularity.

Carlson’s main priority is to normalize the imagery of rabbits as intelligent and loving creatures, and she’s hoping her videos will inspire other people to adopt them and help them live their best lives.