Little Girl Adopts a Kitten and Names Her After a Firefighter Who Rescued Her

One kitten in trouble recently experienced a rare case of double luck. Not only was she rescued from a manhole she accidentally fell in, but she also found a new loving home immediately after.

The Fire Department of Eagle Pass, Texas, recently received a call from a concerned citizen about a kitten that was stuck in a manhole. The firefighters immediately went to the scene, with firefighter Zackery Kelly taking it upon himself to execute the rescue mission.

Kelly got down in the manhole and noticed a gray kitten covered in dirt. After returning to the surface with the kitten in his hand, the firefighter saw a little girl and her mom watching the rescue unfold.

As soon as Kelly and the feline got to the safe ground, the little girl offered to adopt the kitten. Her request was granted, and she decided to name herself in honor of her savior. Isn’t that the sweetest thing ever?

“All came to the happiest of endings when finally, the excitement called a momma and her daughter over to the scene who immediately wanted to give the kitten her forever home naming her after the Firefighter who saved her, Kelly,” the city of Eagle Pass wrote while sharing the story on their official Facebook page.