Little Girl and Her American Bully Help Out Other Animals

“I love my tiny hooman. And snacks. Snacks on snacks on snacks,” this is how Charlie the American Bully introduces himself on Instagram. Charlie and five-year-old Emma are best friends and true soulmates. Their story began back in 2017 when they rescued Charlie from the shelter.

“Charlie came to live with us when I was three-years-old,” Emma told The Dodo. “Charlie has watched me grow up and always looks out for me.”

Although, Charlie sometimes gets into trouble, like snacking on the baseboard, for Emma she is the best girl in the whole wide world. Together they help other animals, as well.

“She is my best friend and snuggle buddy. She loves helping me help other animals at my treat stands. I give people treats while she gets belly rubbin’s. Some people are scared of American Bullies and Pit Bulls, but Charlie is helping change minds,” the girl added.

If you want to follow the adorable duo’s adventures, check out the gallery below and follow them on Instagram for future updates.