Little Girl Reunites With Her Missing Cat After a Year and Bursts into Tears

Seven-year-old Lilly-Mae Purssey from Havant, UK recently had the surprise of her lifetime. Lilly came back from school on June 24 and was welcomed by her pet cat Freddie, who was missing for almost a year. As you can imagine, this resulted in an emotional reunion.

Back in August 2018, Purssey’s family had to move to a new home that didn’t allow pets. They decided to send Lilly’s faithful companion Freddie to her grandmother, hoping he would be safe there. The cat, however, sneaked through the window one day and got lost, failing to find his way back home.

Although the family failed to find Freddie despite numerous attempts, Lilly never lost hope that she might be reunited with her beloved furry companion.

Luckily for everyone involved, Freddie was found by an unnamed individual who brought him into the house to save him from a thunderstorm. The person then took the cat to the veterinarian, who discovered that Freddie had a chip in him, which made it easy to contact his original owners.

Since Lilly was in school when Freddie returned, her mother Emma decided to stage a surprise reunion. She told the little girl to cover her eyes as they have a special surprise for her. When Lilly removed her hand, she noticed Freddie chilling on the chair.

Lilly first couldn’t believe that her friend returned home, but after her mother reassured her that it’s, in fact, Freddie, she started crying before going to hug her cat.

This emotional reunion was captured on video by Lilly’s uncle James, who later shared the footage on social media. Check it out below.