Loki the Raven Likes His Human Dad a Lot

Black ravens are usually associated with loss and ill omen, however, Loki is here to break down the superstition. Based in Essex, England, the bird has been currently living with his human, video editor and director Elliot Manarin. The two met a couple of years ago, when Loki’s owner died, leaving him orphaned. Sadly, the owner’s body wasn’t found for a few weeks, so the bird was left to his own.

When Manarin was able to adopt Loki, he was in a poor condition, both physically and mentally, so it took quite some time for them to build up a bond, but now they are inseparable. Manairn explained that Loki has a very unique character, he likes gifts and puzzle games, he is a smart little critter who likes to steal stuff and undo people’s shoelaces. but most importantly, he is an adorable bird who likes his human dad, a lot.

He even has his own Instagram page and has recently started his own YouTube video diary series titled The Gwah Diaries. Scroll down and check out Loki’s adorable personality.