Lola Barksdale is One of the Most Adorable French Bulldogs in All of New York

French bulldogs are a truly special breed and many of them found viral fame on Instagram once their owners started sharing their shenanigans with the world. Lola Barksdale is one of them, and she’s one of the most adorable Frenchies in all of New York.

Rachel Rednor and her husband Matt took Lola in after falling in love with French bulldogs. They would stumble upon many people with Frenchies around New York, and desperately wanted to have one of their own⁠—and that’s where Lola came in.

Lola Barksdale is now a true sensation on Instagram, with over 173,000 followers under her belt. Her dog mom Rachel is using her Instagram page as a fun creative outlet that allows her to take a break from her corporate job in finance.

Lola’s name comes with an interesting backstory, and she was actually named after a character from the hit series The Wire. Rachel and her husband Matt just finished their first viewing of this series around the time they’ve adopted Lola, and The Wire came up once it was time to give their new pet a name.

“We really, really liked it. Matt fought for the name Stringer Bello, which to me was a non-starter.  I thought that was really silly. I didn’t want something that was kitschy. I want something, I wanted something that really made sense,” she told School for Dogs.