Lost Cat Found After 4 Years, More Than 150 Miles from Home

The Smyth family from Bangor, Northern Ireland, started losing hope they would see their beloved cat Blueberry return home. After all, the feline was missing since November 2019. However, they recently got a surprise call that Blueberry was actually alive and well, although he somehow ended up in a different country.

As it turns out, Blueberry was spotted by a man from the village of Moycullen in Ireland, some 150 miles away from Bangor. He was ill, so the man decided to take her to the vet for treatment. While there, the veterinarian discovered the cat had a microchip.

A search in the Europetnet pet database, which covers 26 countries in Europe, helped them find more information about Blueberry, including his owners. They contacted the Smyth family, who had a hard time believing that their cat was coming back after all those years.

Blueberry was reunited with her family earlier this month, and it turned out that she didn’t forget her owners despite all those years of wandering.

“We are still in shock. It’s just brilliant,” said Hannah Smyth in a chat with Belfast Telegraph. “He knew it was us; as soon as the girls brought him out, he started with the head-butts.”