Lost Dog Cries With Joy When He Finally Meet His Owner After Three Years

Photo by Justin Veenema on Unsplash

Giorgi Berejiani’s beloved dog, Jorge, went missing from their home in Tbilisi, Georgia three years ago. After his disappearance in 2015, Berejiani did his best to look for him but to no avail.  He also asked for help from his neighbors and friends to search for Jorge too. Months turned into years with still no clue, but he never gave up trying.

But one fateful day, their bond of love has brought them together.

“We searched for three years,” Berejiani told The Dodo. “Then we found him.”

Recently, employees at a business in town, who’d found out of Berejiani’s long search for Jorge, spotted a dog that seemed to fit with his description. The dog has been considered as stray dog but still, they contacted Berejiani just to be sure.

Immediately, Berejiani went to the place to check.

As seen in the video, there was no doubt that the dog was indeed Jorge.

Berejiani was delighted to reunite with his long-lost dog but Jorge, based on his cries of joy, was even happier to finally meet his family.

“I’m so glad,” Berejiani said. “I have never seen him so happy.”

Nobody knows how the dog survived all those years living in the street, but perhaps he was sustained by hoping that one day his owner will come to get him. And we’re happy to see them reunited.