Lulu Dekwiatkowski is Breathing New Life Into Old Seashells

Many artists use seashells as their medium, relying on their whimsical beauty to capture the spirit of the ocean. Lulu Dekwiatkowski is one of them, and we’ve seen her use shells to transform all sorts of different objects into magnificent works of art.

Dekwiatkowski is the mastermind behind the brand Lulu DK, who found success as both a painter and textile designer, before becoming a shell artist. Her mother, who was an interior designer by trade, encouraged her to pursue this path, as she enjoyed playing around with paints, seashells, and fabrics from a young age.

Dekwiatkowski’s art allowed her to reconcile her upbringing in New York and life in the Bahamas, where she fell in love with shell art all over again.

“Growing up between New York City, the Hamptons, and the Bahamas, I experienced the juxtaposition of bustling cityscapes and lush natural settings. These lively surroundings became my first great inspiration, as I developed an appreciation for how the world aligned itself to create joyful chaos and serene order,” she explains on her official website.

Shell panels are one of Dekwiatkowski’s most recognizable works of art, and they seamlessly mix together many different types of shells into one piece. They’ll help you gain a new appreciation for the diverse world of seashells and their beauty truly shines through Dekwiatkowski’s art.