Magu is the World’s Cutest Catssistant

Dogs are man’s best friend and apparently, cats are man’s best assistants. It was about time that cats, our favorite pets, got their own title and it’s all thanks to a cat named Magu. We can even say that this adorable kitten invented the first profession among cats, and it’s called a catssistant.

Magu lives in Cologne, France with her owner Antonia Schmitz and two other cats, Pinkie and Flocke. Schmitz is a photographer, editor, and interior stylist and she also runs the blog Craftifair. She works from home and we all know how stressful that can be. That’s why she hired Magu as her little assistant, to help her with a number of responsibilities around the office.

Magu is the youngest of three cats, but she already has plenty of tasks as a catssistant, such as dusting the desk and keeping the keyboard warm. You can follow Magu’s daily adventures on her Instagram page and we assure you – it’s adorable.