Man Builds a Cool Piano Pet Feeder for His Cat

Content creator Aaron Benitez, known for his highly popular YouTube channel Aaron’s Animals, recently unveiled a cool project that he has been working on for a year and that will pique the interest of both pets and their owners.

Benitez created a cool piano pet feeder for his cat Michael that helps the feline be engaged, stimulated, and well fed.

The piano pet feeder works on a simple principle. When a cat approaches it and plays a key, the feeder produces a piano sound before dispensing food.

Benitez will make his piano pet feeder available for other pet owners. It is currently available for presale with the first deliveries expected to take place in October 2024 and something tells us that the interest will be significant.

“It takes time and energy to set up food puzzles every day,” Benitez explains. “The piano’s consistent reward mechanism simulates foraging behavior, while boosting your pet’s cognitive development and mood.”

Until the piano pet feeder rolls out, Benitez has been demonstrating its effects on pets using Michael as an example. In a previous video shared on Aaron’s Animals YouTube channel, Benitez showed how he managed to teach his cat to play classical music.