Man Builds a Fence to Keep His Dog Inside the Yard, Fails Miserably

If you own a dog, then you probably know how unpredictable they can be. Most dogs have a lot of energy they need to spend, so they enjoy running around and doing all sorts of mischievous things. Dog owners try their best to find ways to cope with this, but as a one hilarious viral video shows, that isn’t always an easy task.

The clip, which started trending recently, features a man filming a beautifully constructed fence that he build in order to keep his dog Stella inside the yard.

“Pretty proud of it, I’d have to say,” says the man while moving the camera up and down, showcasing his masterpiece.

All of a sudden, Stella enters the frame to inspect the fence. In a matter of seconds, she leaps into the air, gets over it, and runs away. As you can guess, her owner wasn’t very thrilled about it.

Check out this funny clip below.