Man Creates a Funny Video By Putting a Camera in a Bowl of Water

Stray dogs and cats have a hard time finding fresh water to drink, which is why we have to help them by placing water bowls on streets, especially during these hot months. Ahmet Selki from Turkey has a habit of helping stray animals in his city and he’s doing his best to provide them with enough water.

One day, however, Selki decided to meet the animals he’s helping by placing a small camera at the bottom of the water bowl. This resulted in the most adorable and funny video of cute animals drinking from this bowl.

“The results were amazing. Not only was it cats and dogs, but a crow and butterflies came up to have a drink too,” Selki told The Dodo.

Selki did this to help those who are in need, but also to inspire other people to do something like this in their neighborhood as well.

“I hope that all of us will always remember that we are responsible for all the animals. We destroyed or shaped the whole planet in the direction of our needs. It’s time to think about the other species too. So, people, always leave clean fresh water and maybe some food nearby to feed the animals.”

Take a look at this amazing video and then think about what you can do to help animals around you.