Man Creates “Stick Library” For Local Dogs to Enjoy

Dogs absolutely love to play with sticks. They are similarly shaped and sized to bones, and doggos enjoy chewing them. But you can rarely find good sticks for your dogs if you don’t head to the woods. Parks are usually kept clean, and there isn’t an abundance of quality sticks lying around. This is why the idea of “stick library” devised by craftsman Andrew Taylor from New Zealand seems genius.

Taylor was recently trimming tree branches in his backyard when he figured that most of them could be turned into great sticks for his dog Bella. When he started converting branches into sticks, he figured he will have too many and might share them. This is when he decided to make a “stick library.”

Taylor made a case, engraved it, and then filled it with polished sticks. He took the library to the local park for everyone to use it, just requesting dog owners to return the sticks after use.

The making of this cool project was recorded by Taylor’s daughter Tayla Reece and posted on social media. The video ended up going viral, with internet users praising Taylor for his great idea.

The “stick library” became a huge hit and its users seem to really enjoy their “reading.”