Man Disentangles Seals Captured in Marine Debris

Namibia-based Naude Dreyer, the founder of a kayak tour company called Pelican Point, together with his team of guides, disentangles seals captured in fishing lines, nets, and packaging straps.

“Our seals are getting entangled in this ocean rubbish, eventually causing a painful death,” Dreyer shared with Go Get Funding where he started a fundraising campaign to help these animals. “My team of guides and myself have committed ourselves to catching and these animals to give them a second chance. Last year, we caught and released over 300 animals.”

Dreyer shares videos of rescues on his Instagram account and with the money he collects, he wants to buy more specialized equipment to help seals, such as industrial scissors, custom made nets, handling equipment, and a tag monitoring system.

“We also need to raise awareness within the fishing industry to implement change and educate our local fishermen to stop dumping trash overboard,” he added.

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