Man Drives Non-Stop for Two Days to Get a Rescue Leopard to His New Home

Non-profit organization AAP Primadomus has an impressive track of helping animals since being established more than a decade ago. A big part of their success is a group of devoted volunteers and employees who are ready to go beyond their way for animals. One of them actually didn’t mind driving non-stop for two days to get a rescued black leopard to his new home in Latvia.

Back in late 2021, Latvian authorities rescued a black leopard named Bono, who was abandoned by his “owner.” They transported him to Riga Zoo in the country’s capital, but the zoo didn’t have the necessary resources to keep him. So, they ended up contacting AAP Primadomus, which has a sanctuary for wild cats.

AAP Primadomus sent one of their employees, a man named Robert, to pick up the panther, but the task proved to be much more challenging than expected. Being a very active animal, Bono wasn’t used to being confined in small spaces and would get aggressive when caged. This is why Robert decided to make the 1,250 miles trip without stopping. He ended up driving for two straight days before reaching the final destination.

Thanks to Robert’s efforts, Bono is now living his best life in AAP Primadomus’ sanctuary.

“Today he walks proudly and confidently through the bushes of his enclosure,” says his AAP keeper Jolien. “He is also able to jump to the highest platform, where he likes to lie down at sunset to watch from above.”