Man Goes Viral After Creating Doodles of His Dog

Every day, it’s getting harder and harder to find out what will go viral these days.

One moment, it’s an amazing art piece created by an artist that spent years trying to hone their skills, and another, it can be something as simple as a goofy doodle of your dog.

The latter did actually happen, in case you’re wondering.

Jay Cartner has been painting and drawing for over 2 decades already, but he hasn’t had much success or acclaim, especially over the internet. That is until he decided to do a quick and funny sketch of his dog.

To arguably no one’s surprise, Jay’s masterpiece has since gone viral.

Now, Jay has started a social media account where pet owners can post doodles of their pets as well as talk about what they created, without having to take themselves too seriously or worry about if their art is any good.

This just goes to show that anyone can literally be anything these days!

If you’d like to see more of the doodles, be sure to scroll down below.

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Another fun commission!

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