Man Rescued Injured Bird But Forced To Evacuate His Car

Image via Matt Graveling/Twitter

Matt Graveling, a reporter of BBC South, was driving to cover a story when he spotted an unconscious bird, a red kite, that appeared to be hurt.

Being a goodhearted motorist, Matt leaped out and laid the injured bird on his passenger seat.

“After about 15 minutes of driving the bird started to open its eyes, and ruffle its feathers,” the journalist told the Press Association.

“Then all of a sudden it stands up on its legs on my passenger seat – this bird came up to my shoulders and looks over at me.”

At this point, he realized that driving with a bird – with a beak and talons that “looked like they could do some damage” and huge wings that could block his view – was not a good idea, so he pulled over and got out of the car.

Matt then called the RSPCA who arrived 3.5 hours later to get the bird and take it to a veterinarian for treatment.

“One of the bird’s eyes was injured due to being hit,” he added. “And that could well be its downfall because they need perfect vision in order to hunt.”

He shared the unforgettable encounter on Twitter.