Man Rescues a Bird Egg and Hatches it into a Beautiful Parrot

Screenshot via A Chick Called Albert/YouTube

The man behind the YouTube channel called A Chick Called Albert has a huge passion for helping animals in need. His journey began in his childhood when he was a little boy. However, four years ago, he decided to post a short clip of Albert, an adorable quail hatched from an egg he bought in the supermarket.

In a recent video, he documents the rescuing and hatching of a tiny parakeet egg, as well as feeding and taking care of a baby parrot. The heartwarming nine-minute-long clip has already reached more than 13 million views and counting.

While visiting a local pet shop in the Netherlands, the man noticed a little egg on the floor of the budgie’s cage. However, there was only a male budgie, who couldn’t take care of it. He refused to leave the egg behind, so he asked the owner if he could take the egg with him.

After receiving permission from the owner, he put it into a matchbox and safely delivered it home. Then, he put the egg into an incubator, wondering if he would be able to bring it to life. A few days later, he showed his audience the teeny tiny heartbeat.

When the little bird hatched, it had to be fed eight times a day. As weeks went by, the man couldn’t stop thinking about the bird’s dad. That’s when he decided to bring him back when the little one starts flying.

Now the little family lives together.