Man Spends 25 Minutes in a Hot Car to Demonstrate How Dogs Feel

Summertime heat is not a fun experience for humans, but our pets surely have it worst. This especially goes for dogs, who are very subjective to heatstroke due to their thick fur. Unfortunately, some owners tend to forget this.

Despite all the cautionary tales, we still see owners leaving their dogs in cars during the hot summer days. This is why the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) decided to raise awareness about this issue with a practical experiment.

One of RSPCA’s volunteers sat in a car for 25 minutes on a hot day without an AC in order to show how dogs truly feel when left in this situation. The organization later uploaded a video of the experiment on their TikTok channel and it’s safe to say the volunteer had a pretty rough experience.

Upon entering the car, the volunteer measured 73F (23C). The temperature quickly climbed to 95F (35C), and at one moment, it was so hot that the camera malfunctioned. Fifteen minutes in, the temperature reached 110F (43C).

“Just feels like an oven in here,” the man said at one point.

By the time the volunteer finished his experiment, the temperature was at 127F (53C). As he pointed out, this isn’t enough for some people to finish their shopping trip, meaning that dogs sometimes can spend even longer periods in these cruel conditions.

You can check out the full video below—and please don’t leave your dogs locked in a car no matter how short your trip may seem.

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