Maria Bertrand is Living Her Best Life With Her Sparrow Happy

There’s nothing quite like developing a special bond with your pet, and Maria Bertrand found her perfect match in an unlikely companion. Her world completely changed after an adorable sparrow named Happy flew into her life, bringing an air of joy and cheerfulness along.

Bertrand was on her daily run when he stumbled upon Happy in the streets of Los Angeles in 2020. He was so tiny at the time that she thought he was a crab at first, but realized she was dealing with a bird once she got closer.

Despite having no experience with bird care, Bertrand couldn’t take Happy anywhere but home because animal rehab centers were closed during the pandemic. Once she finally was able to take him to a bird sanctuary, she learned Happy couldn’t be released into the wild due to his damaged beak so she decided to welcome him into her home full-time.

Bertrand later decided to share Happy’s story with the world and attracted thousands of followers on both Instagram and TikTok. She also captured their journey in the children’s book Finding Happy the Sparrow, which sees Bertrand and Happy “[coming] into each other’s lives when they were both at their most vulnerable and they helped each other heal.”