Marinea Heindel is Taking Instagram by Storm With Her Victorian Insect Art

If you’re in the mood to step into the world where Victorian elegance meets the whimsical allure of the animal kingdom, Marinea Heindel’s Instagram page is just the thing for you. This creative artist is doing a spectacular job capturing the beauty of insects through her Victorian-inspired frames.

Heindel goes by Insect Mother on social media, and her love for nature has followed her for as long as she can remember.

“As a child, I grew up in awe of butterflies, beetles, and cicadas flying around my head in Southern Maryland. I would go looking for fish and turtles along the Chesapeake, and eventually found an education in Natural Resources and Wildlife Technology in college,” she writes on her official website.

She learned more about the proper identification and habitats of flora and fauna during her time in college, and this knowledge shaped her art going forward. Each piece she shares with the world is deeply informed by her love for insects and the years of research she put into her craft.

Heindel’s creations usually come in vintage ornate frames, but that’s not the only thing they have in common. Most of them also feature pressed flowers and meticulously preserved insects, usually butterflies and moths, and she always makes sure to list the exact species on her official website.