Mariya Aitkaliyeva’s Textile Art Will Take You Underwater

We’ve seen many artists use their body of work to pay homage to the deep blue sea, but only a rare few choose to use textiles as a canvas. That didn’t stop Things Out of Time’s Mariya Aitkaliyeva from giving it a shot, and many of her textile creations are a love letter to fish and other marine creatures.

Aitkaliyeva is a talented textile artist based in Kazakhstan who specializes in transforming fabric into quirky creatures. She focuses on making textile sculptures but uses much more than fabric to bring them to life – she’s no stranger to using tree branches, papier-mâché, beads, and more.

Aitkaliyeva describes herself as someone who loves nature, animals, and strange tales, and her love for all things wild and free shines through her work.

“Since childhood, I have been very fond of animals and nature around us. This is what inspires me and gives impetus to creativity. I studied at an art school, but I came to textile sculpture through my own trial and error,” she told Mondial Art Academia.

Aitkaliyeva’s textile sculptures take many different shapes and forms, and many of them will take you beneath the waves because they resemble some of the quirkiest fish you’ll ever come across.