Married Created a Series of Illustrations Inspired By the Outdoors

A Nature Unknown is an Instagram account created by Kourtney and Richard Jossy and it’s about surreal outdoor illustrations. Kourtney shared their work on Bored Panda and explained that they have spent the past couple of months working on their artworks.

“Our work is greatly inspired by the Pacific Northwest, surrealism, nature, and introversion,” she wrote. According to their personal website, Kourtney and Richard met at Portland State University where they both received a Bachelor’s in Fine Arts.

After finishing their studies, they began collaborating on various art pieces, got married, and launched A Nature Unknown, “a personal illustration series inspired by their shared interests in the outdoors, the unexplained, and introversion.”

Although they don’t have a big following, their art is definitely worth checking out. We really enjoyed browsing through their Instagram page and we believe that you will enjoy it, too.

Follow them for future updates. Kourtney and Richard are both open for commission, so if you have got interested in their work, contact them via e-mail.