Martha the Dwarf Horse Loves Life

Martha, the fuzzy, little dwarf horse was brought by her mom Stacy to their R&R Ranch in a very poor condition.

“She was listed on Craigslist. We thought, ‘Something is not right’. We had to get her. Her legs, they just splayed out. She was in a bad condition,” she told The Dodo and added that dwarfs are usually born with some health issues. In Martha’s case, it’s skeletal atavism.

In the beginning, the 12-weeks-old horsie was shy, however, as time passed her personality blossomed. She still had issues with her walking, so they decided to let Martha outside to get her some exercise.

“I love how she’ll just walk over to me when she wants to give me a hug. She is funny. She loves shoelaces. Nibbling them until she unties them. You could just tell Martha was happy. Martha loves the world. Nothing scares Martha. Martha is tiny but fearless. She is just wired to go. And to go fast,” Stacy explained.

The family has recently rescued another dwarf and Martha has taken him under her wing. If you want to see their adventures, check out the gallery below.