Masuka the Cat Loves Surprising His Mom When She’s in the Shower

Masuka is an intelligent ginger cat who loves water. Another thing he adores is surprising his mom whenever she goes to the shower, well, in a creepy way.

“Every time I go to the shower, I’ll see his shadow and then I’ll see his paws keep hitting it,” his owner Tina Hoang shared with The Dodo. “Especially where he starts using his nails and he digs into it. He scares me sometimes. I’m like ‘Oh my God! There’s someone here!’ But it’s just Masuka with his head in there. I noticed that he just always wants to lick the water.”

Hoang just can’t stop Masuka from destroying her shower curtain, instead, she came up with an idea to make it even more fun; she used her white curtain as a blank canvas.

“Every time his head was in the shower, I’m like ‘Oh, wouldn’t it be funny if his head was over another body,?’” she added. “It’s just the liner that I have to replace, but I’ve given up at this point. Cats will destroy your things. You can’t have nice things. Whoever says, ‘Cats don’t like water,’ they’ve never met Masuka.”

Scroll down and follow his adventures below.