Meet Benny: The Ice Skating Dog

Benny is an adorable dog that has many talents; he is model and a performance dog who likes ice skating. When his mom Cheryl DelSangrio saw his picture, she immediately knew she needed to adopt him. However, when Benny arrived at his new home in Las Vegas, she noticed that he was special and full of energy.

First, she took him to training to get all the energy out of him and to develop his intellegence. But later, she came up with the crazy idea to teach him to ice skate.

“And the first day we took him, he could actually get up and skate,” DelSangrio told The Dodo. “I’d like for him to go everywhere and show people what he could do, because to me, it’s incredible. Somebody said to me, ’He’s a once-in-a-lifetime dog!’ And I said, ’Yes, he is!’”

And Benny really enjoys the attention and he gets so worked up that nobody can control him. To follow his ice skating adventures, just keep on scrolling!