This Cat Deliveries Notes to His Neighbors

Outdoor cats love exploring their neighborhood’s backyards. Such is the case with a black-and-white kitty named Billy, who loves taking walks in other people’s yards. And one day, after his walk Billy came home with something attached to his collar—a note from one of the neighbors.

His parents Olga Shipunova and Zack King were surprised to see the note and Billy’s mom who immediately responded. And that’s how Billy became a postman, or should we say postcat.

“A few months ago, my girlfriend @ogildy noticed something on Billy’s collar – a folded note, wrapped in cling film and attached with a wire tie. With no idea who or where the note had come from, she replied. From this point on my girlfriend and an unknown neighbor became penpals, all through an oblivious feline postcat,” his father shared on his Twitter account.

As time went by, Billy received a heart-shaped mailbag from the neighbor, which he, unfortunately, lost during his expeditions. And before long, the letters started being written in colorful pens.

When the neighbor hadn’t received an answer from the feline’s parents, they got super worried and sent them a note to see if everything was okay.

What an adorable and heartwarming story, right?