Meet Bono: The 84 Pound Dog Who Likes to be Carried Like a Baby

Bono is an 84 pound Goldendoodle who likes to be carried like a baby. According to his mom and dad, the canine acts like he a human being.

“Bono is 84 pounds, I kinda keep him well-fed, his mom Carina told The Dodo. “And people think he’s you know, a lot of fur but he’s not, he’s well-built. I think he’s a human inside, you know, he’s dressed as a dog but he’s actually a human. He thinks he’s a baby!”

Besides having no idea of his size, the doggy is afraid of escalators, as well.

“He loves to be carried, you know, especially when we go to places that there’s escalators,” Bono’s dad Julio shared. “He always is scared of what is that thing in front of me that’s going up. So, he recognizes and he jumps and asks for help right away.”

They document their ‘little’ baby’s adventures on Instagram. So if you want to keep in touch with them, give Bono a follow.