Meet Capudo: The Alpaca That is Living His Best Life in the City

Capudo is an adorable alpaca with a very social life. He was born on a farm, but sadly, after his mom passed away, he was brought to the Northern Beaches in Sydney to be hand raised.

“Capudo was born on my family’s farm. But sadly his mom passed away when he was 2 days old,” Michaela, Capudo’s caretaker told The Dodo. “So, my dad went up to the farm and got him and brought him back to suburbia so that we could bottle-raise him. He likes to steal food and he’s constantly getting into everything. Ripping things. Playing with shoes.”

According to Michaela, Capudo is a social butterfly who loves attention. The original plan was to get him back to the farm, but Capudo just loves living in the suburb.

“He adjusted amazingly. He loves attention, he’s the biggest attention seeker I know,” she added. “The plan was always to bottle-raise him for the six months and then take him back up to the farm. But he’s become such a big part of our lives.”

He now has an Instagram page, where his caretakers share his hilarious adventures. Scroll down and check it out!