Meet Casper, The Dog Who Sings Christmas Music

Casper’s owner Pam Quinn is an avid singer and she often sings around the house. Casper is always right by her side, wagging his tail and eagerly joining in with his own version of the tune.

“He is definitely obsessed with singing. He is a big fan of Disney. Also Broadway,” she says in an interview for The Dodo and explains how the singing happened. “One day I was just playing a guitar and singing and he decided to start singing along.” And never stopped.

Some might say that Casper is tone-deaf, as his singing voice is quite unique. But to his owner and the online community is the most beautiful music. Whenever Quinn starts to sing, the canine can’t help but join in.

“He has to steal the spotlight,” Quinn adds.

The doggo’s singing talent has become quite well-known in the online community and he has even been featured on America’s Got Talent.

While Casper may not be the next American Idol, he certainly brings joy to all who hear him sing. His love for music and his owner’s voice is truly special and it is a joy to witness their bond every time they perform together.