Meet Champy and Morris, The Adorable Horse-Cat Duo

Champy the horse and Morris the cat have a very unique friendship. For the past six years, they have been besties who hang out together every day. According to their owner Jennifer Boyle, she adopted Morris when he was 9 months old, while Champy was a one-year-old horsie.

“I introduced them and Champy instantly fell in love with Morris and knew they’d be best friends,” Boyle shared on Bored Panda. Morris, however, took a few days to convince probably because of Champy’s size but after a few days of Champy hanging out with him, and not taking no for an answer Morris jumped up on his back and they’ve been inseparable ever since.”

The adorable duo loves grooming each other, catnapping together, drinking from the horse trough together and being silly together.

You can find Champy and Morris on social media, on Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook where their owner shares heartwarming images and videos of the adorable friends.

Scroll down and take a look at their photographs below.

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I get asked all the time why Champy wears a rug. I’ll answer this in two parts- why horses typically wear rugs & why Champy wears one. Horses wear rugs for several different reasons & it varies from country to country so in Australia we have rugs for every season and weather condition even though what we call our summer rugs sounds hot calling it a rug it’s just the term we use as they’re often a very thin cotton or mesh to help keep the bugs from biting them. Many horses are really sensitive to mosquito bites along with other insects and can get really bad skin irritations from them. Rugs keep their coat in good condition, winter rugs are usually for warmth or wet weather conditions. I rug my older two horses- Baldy for his old bones to stay warm and help his arthritis and in summer he sometimes has a light mesh rug for the bugs. Coco is highly sensitive to insects and needs protection all the time. Now to Champy, believe it or not he hardly wears a rug, I used to rug him to protect his coat but he made it clear to me he didn’t like it, so I had a problem because Morris won’t ride bareback, he did a few times early on in their friendship and slid off too easily now he won’t even try getting on without a rug. So I had to find a happy medium I have to rug Champy just so Morris can go riding, Champys happy with this arrangement when Morris is finished he knows the rug comes off & he’s happy to wear it for Morris, it’s more work for me and it meant Morris couldn’t hop on whenever he wants but it seems to work for them. What we do for our animals! Dusty doesn’t wear a rug either he’s never liked it , their coats aren’t in perfect condition but they’re both happy 😃 . . . . . . . . . #horsesofinstagram #cats #catsofinstagram #cats_of_instagram #interspeciesfriendship #unlikelyanimalfriends #meowdy #meow #kmartpets #happyplace #weatherbeeta #bffgoals #besties #catinfluencer #influencer #cutecouples #cutenessoverload #instacute #instacuteness #amazingpets #secretlifeofpets #fashionista #friendshipgoals #friendship #catlover #catlovers #catloversclub #funnycat #horseriding #abcmyphoto

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