Meet Chester – The Grumpiest Dog in the World

Today we are going to meet the grumpiest dog in the world and we’re serious when we say that because Chester is truly the grumpiest of them all. This cute Shiba Inu has a face that always looks very mad, like he’s going to bite you at any second.

But is he truly as grumpy as he looks?

“Chester is a drama queen,” his owner Kirby Kaufman confessed to Bored Panda. “He’s very grumpy and clingy. He loves being petted. But only when he lets you pet him. Typical shiba attitude.”

Kirby adopted Chester from the Nebraska Humane Society in Omaha in 2017 and the dog was 10-years-old at the time. This September he’ll be 13.

While Kirby loves his pet very much, a lot of his friends couldn’t help but wonder why his dog looks so mad. Some of them even call Chester a demon dog.

“Chester is grumpy to the deepest of his core. He’s what all grumpsters aspire to be. He embodies the rage we all have on the inside,” Kirby said.

In spite of all this, we love Chester very much and he’s truly something special in his own way.

Take a look at some of his photos.