Meet Chico: The Grumpiest Dogs Of Them All

We all remember Grumpy Cat who sadly passed away last year. However, not that long ago, the internet found its dog version! Meet Chico, an 11-month-old Brussels Griffon with the grumpiest little face!

People became obsessed with this small pooch with a wonky underbite which makes his adorable grumpy face. Despite his facial expressions, Chico’s owner says he is an adorable, happy, and loving little creature.

Chico loves posing for his momma while wearing adorable knitted beanies, costumes, socks, and other hilarious outfits. He shares his living space with his three siblings, Hazel, Rita, and Ramona.

Their owner shares their hilarious adventures on their Instagram profile called Hazel And The Gang where they have attracted more than 10,000 followers and have hundreds of likes on each post.

We really enjoyed browsing through their Instagram page and we believe that you will enjoy it, too. Follow the gang for future updates.