Meet Coffee aka Mr. White: The Adorable Kitty Who Survived Cancer

Coffee aka Mr. White is one of Instagram’s most popular pets, with over two million followers under his belt, but he wasn’t always the cheerful kitty we know him as today. His journey was filled with pain and heartbreak, and he had to overcome a serious illness to come this far.

Coffee’s owner Pookie adopted him from one of her friends when he was just five months old. She started sharing his adventures with the world and he went on to become a true sensation, but Pookie’s world was shattered when it turned out Coffee was seriously ill.

After feeling a lump on his side, Pookie took him to the vet, and it turned out he was showing the symptoms of lymphoma.

“He started to become lethargic. He would just lie down on the cold tile. He wasn’t playful, and he didn’t have an appetite. He was always so thirsty… He wouldn’t come near us; he would find a corner or a chair. He was very sleepy all the time,” said Pookie when discussing his illness with People, in the hope she’ll help other cat owners recognize the symptoms early.

Coffee received a lot of support from his followers while battling cancer, but those days are now long behind him. Years after his diagnosis, Coffee is as healthy as one can be and millions of people tune in to watch his shenanigans every day.