Meet Fig, A Tortoise Who Lives His Best Life

People mostly have cats, dogs, or parrots as their pets. However, there are other fun animals you can keep in your home. Like, for example, a tortoise. You might be wondering how can a tortoise make for a good companion. Well, keep scrolling to find out!

Chas from through the lleaves is a content creator, plant and animal lover, and mom of Fig, a baby leopard tortoise. The palm-size reptile has a wonderful life filled with daily spas, flower hats, and yummy snacks.

Fig’s mornings begin by greeting his mom with a big yawn, and then he is ready to start the day. First, he gets a morning mist for hydration. Then, his mom changes his water, and while he freshens up, she begins to prep his daily salad.

“Leopard tortoise are gazers in the wild so leafy greens, grasses, flowers, and succulents are their fav,” Chas shared with her Instagram community.

After having breakfast, he gets a daily spa to rehydrate and hangs out with his mom while she works. Fig loves his feline siblings and gets along with them very well. He even likes to cuddle with his best friend, Gouda.

He also likes playing dress up. Fig wears edible flower hats and other cute fashionable pieces like a cowboy or Santa hat.

Check out their Instagram account to see more of Fig’s adorable adventures.