Meet Fluffy, The Adorable Therapy Pig

We enjoy introducing you to the most adorable and cutest animals from all over the world. And Fluffy, the adorable therapy pig, certainly fits the description.

Fluffy is part of the team at KhaliZoo, a facility run by counseling psychologist Erika-May, which provides emotional support for people struggling with various issues. And, if we are to judge by her popularity, this little pig is the face of the program.

Fluffy is charming, energetic, and definitely able to bring out a few smiles on people’s faces by just running around and being pretty. We assume that the effect intensifies when you are able to pet her soft fur.

Thanks to her look and quirkiness, Fluffy is a big star on social media. She has 12.6k followers on Instagram and that number is rapidly increasing. Check more of her photos and videos below.