Meet Golden Retriever Beacon, USA Gymnastics Team’s Therapy Dog

The USA Olympic Gymnastics Trials tend to be pretty stressful for the athletes, but they had an important source of support by their side this time around. The adorable golden retriever Beacon joined them as a therapy dog this year, providing support to everyone who needed it on their path to the Olympics.

Beacon is a four-year-old golden retriever therapy dog, who proudly holds the title of USA Gymnastics’ team’s “Goodest Boy”. He most recently joined them during the Gymnastics Olympic trials ahead of the Paris Olympics, comforting gymnasts and staff who were having a hard time.

Tracey Callahan Molnar, Beacon’s handler and a former gymnast, was by his side every step of the way, and many gymnasts were delighted to meet him.

“I watch the women and if they’re animated when they see him, I’ll walk toward them… I think we did important work. It was a rough night for some of the gymnasts, and I think Beacon helped celebrate the good stuff and be there and give support for the challenges,” Molnar told ESPN.

Molnar also said she’s proud that USA Gymnastics brought pet therapy to the world of sport, but that doesn’t necessarily mean Beacon will go to Paris. The team’s representative told People they’re looking into it, but added that it’s complicated.