Meet Gustav the Mouse Who is Living His Best Life

Gustav Mousketeer is a ‘famouse’ little mouse that was rescued by his owner while he was just a little baby. Nowadays, Gustav is living his best life and has more than 267k Instagram followers.

“In the beginning, he didn’t go very far,” Gustav’s owner shared with The Dodo. “The day after his eyes opened, that’s when I bought this thank and set this up with a hot water bottle and blankets as well.”

She wanted Gustav to feel at home, so she decided to recreate his wild habitat.

“When I first set it up, you could tell he was really excited ‘cause there was plenty of places to explore, like there’s things to climb and things to dig through. At the top we’ve got his little house that he sleeps in.”

When not playing in his tank, Gustav likes to sit on his owner’s shoulder and eat healthy home-made food.

“I thought, you know, if I’m making me a pizza, why not make a tiny one for him? It’s good because instead of giving him just his plain mouse food every day, like he gets a salad with fresh vegetables and fruits and nuts every day as well.”

Scroll down and check out Gustav’s adventures below.