Meet Henny: The Californian Sk8er Girl

Henny is a true skater girl. Her dad Ryan Lynch says that he doesn’t skate at all, he doesn’t have skateboards, and he has never been a skater.

“She was born to do it. She loves it more than anything. Absolutely anything. She’s definitely a California skater girl,” he told The Dodo. “I didn’t have to work too much with her. I got her a board and kinda slowly started.”

Henny uses her right paw to push the board, whilst she gets her other three paws going and then she jumps on.

“Now she hits ramps and goes down hills and turns. She does everything herself. It’s amazing. And she can skate for over an hour. It keeps her in shape,” Lynch added. “She’s a very smart girl. She gets going fast too! She’s fallen plenty of times. She gets right back up and she’s ready to go.”

To follow Henny’s wild adventures, check out the gallery below, or have a look at Instagram for more amazing updates.