Meet Kai: A Dog Who Weighed 173 Pounds

Kai was 173 pounds when his now-owner saw him for the first time. He was taken into the vet to be put down, however, fortunately, Pam was there for the rescue! She immediately adopted the canine and began with his weight loss journey.

The vet said he should lose around 100 pounds, so Pam changed his diet and Kai began exercising on a water treadmill, which he did happily. His sister Aby was also involved; she is a very active doggo and was very helpful to keep her brother motivated.

“I would film every weight holding my breath. Thinking, this is going to be the one where we don’t lose anything. And it never happened. He amazed me every day,” Pam told The Dodo, and added that he needed just under a year to get his target weight.

“When Kai hit the target weight I couldn’t believe it. Kai makes you feel like you are the most important person in his world. He just taught me so much along this whole weight loss journey, she added.”

To follow Kai’s adventure who is now a therapy dog, check out the gallery below or have a look at his Facebook page for more.