Lenny the Lizard Has His Own Cookbook

We’ve all seen animals being cooks, in animated movies, of course. But if you thought that animals can’t be chefs, you’re wrong. Let us introduce you to Lenny, the lizard, who has published his cookbook titled Chef Lenny: Cooking For Humans, where he shares tasty recipes for fellow humans.

The one-year-old central bearded dragon became an online star thanks to his mom Valerie Musser who has been working on a cookbook for around a decade, but didn’t have the chance to finish it until the pandemic started.

But how did Lenny become a chef? As Musser explained in an interview for MetroUK, it all began when she purchased him a little chef’s hat from Etsy and started posting images of him modeling with miniature food.

It turns out that Lenny enjoys being in the kitchen and that it’s his favorite place to be. She explained that people loved Lenny’s cooking pictures. The small lizard also has a huge personality. “His body language is kind of crazy, he wants what he wants, he is very demanding, and he is kind of a snob about food, very fussy, so this project fits him very well.”