Meet Lily, The Goat Who Thinks She’s a Cat

A goat named Lily was only 5 days old when she became part of the Friendly Fields Farm family. She was rejected by her mother at birth, and weighed only 2 pounds.

As she was getting older, she began showing her true personality. She became a little creature full of energy and curiosity. She loved to play and explore, and was slowly getting to know the other members of the farm family.

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First, she wanted to befriend a rabbit called Lawrence, but he really wasn’t into having a baby goat as his bestie. Then her attention moved to the cats, more precisely onto their older feline called Bean. They became a perfect couple. They would curl up on the couch and sleep.

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According to the owner Alexa B. Murray growing up, Lily has always had different priorities in life.

“She prefers a life of leisure and luxury! She loves to jump and play, but when the afternoon sun comes out you can find her sitting in one of her favorite spots taking a nap each day. She stretches out and drifts off to sleep, happy as can be,” she says.

To keep up with their adventures, follow them on Instagram and on TikTok where they regularly post images of the adorable couple.