Meet Ludwik, the Hairless Guinea Pig Who Loves to Pose With His Favorite Food

Image by @ludwik_guinea_pig/ Instagram

Ludwik, a cute hairless guinea pig from Poland, is a real success story that we couldn’t wait to share with you.

Warsaw- native Agata Nowacka found Ludwik in a “very bad pet shop” and decided to give him home. The guinea pig was underfed and ill, but Agata managed to nurse him back to health.

After discovering that Ludwik likes to pose for the camera, especially when he is around his favorite food, Agata decided to set up an Instagram account where she shared some of his photos. Instagram users immediately fell in love with the cute guinea pig and he ended up getting more than 250K followers on this social media.

“I photograph him every day so it can be hard to have fresh ideas, but Ludwik inspires me a lot,” – Ludwik’s owner told Daily Mail. “I get a very positive reaction – most people think he’s really cute or funny.”

Check out some of our favorites photos of this little guy below.