Meet Mauri, an Adorable Kitty Who Loves Cucumbers

Most cats hate cucumbers and try to avoid them at all costs, but one feline from Finland is a rare exception to this rule. The feline named Mauri found viral fame on TikTok and Instagram thanks to his endless love for cucumbers.

Unlike most cats who fear cucumbers, most likely because they remind them of snakes, Mauri is pretty fond of them. He was curious about different foods since he was a kitten, and his owner often put cucumber slices on top of her sandwiches so he eventually decided to give them a try.

“I think he likes how crunchy it is, because sometimes Mauri likes to crunch on iceberg lettuce too, but obviously not as much as he loves cucumbers… I never thought it was weird for him to like cucumbers because we used to have a dog who also loved cucumbers” his owner told Bored Panda.

Mauri’s owner even tested his love for cucumbers by hiding them among other similarly-shaped veggies, but he simply couldn’t be fooled. His love for cucumbers knows no bounds, and he even has toys shaped like his favorite veggie.

Mauri’s hilarious videos attracted over 260,000 followers to his Instagram page, but this isn’t his only claim to fame. He’s somewhat of a celebrity in his home country of Finland and he made appearances on several TV shows.