Meet Mogli The Beautiful Birman And Persian Mix

If following beautiful felines on Instagram is your thing, then it’s your lucky day. Meet Mr. Mogli Cat, the beautiful Birman and Persian mix cat. Mogli, who is a grey feline with beautiful bluish-green eyes lives in Germany with his owner. He was born on May, 5th and also has 6 more brothers and sisters with whom he shares his life.

Since August, 2nd when his Meowmy posted his first picture on Instagram, Mogli’s looks have attracted almost two thousand followers.

“Mewomy has a new nickname for me, she calls me ’little vampire’,” Mogli shares on one of his Instagram posts. “I like to bite her and have such great little pointed teeth, but do not worry, I just want to play.”

He has been already featured on many Instagram profiles specialized in cats such as Meowfeature, Catstagramcat, Allcatphotos, Catasticworld, Excellent_kittens, and many more.

Scroll down and check out Mogli’s beautiful face below.